Click here to get "Za'nar: Impossibility (Book 1of the Void Saga)!" By Zack Storch (Zachary Storch), author and King of the Nerds contestant!
Get “Za’nar: Impossibility,” a novel of the Void Saga Universe! From Zack Storch (Zachary Storch), author and King of the Nerds contestant.

All of the infinite Planes but the “Home Plane” are thought to be shattered and lifeless; infinitely greater sacrifices have been made before, but the catastrophic repercussions of the planetary system of Za’nar’s bid for survival three million years ago would become a time capsule containing clues to the origins of life in Za’nar and on Earth.

College student and SETI enthusiast Klyde Vance isn’t able to believe Sael Ageis when she tells him she’s from another planet—until she brazenly renders him unconscious with Magic while trying to prove it! A governmental leader from Za’nar, Sael visits Earth on a research mission into the cause of “the War,” a sudden uprising of monsters across Za’nar one year ago.

Intrigued by the incredible potential to learn Magic she senses in Klyde, she brings him to Za’nar to train and become her partner in the popular (and lucrative) mock-combat arenas. Klyde insists that they be joined by Fae, his ever-exuberant but deeply depressed friend, who makes a discovery that leads to the reemergence of a theatrical friend of Sael’s she thought was lost in the War.

Together, the four dredge up the answers Sael sought on her mission: a dragon, creatures thought to be mythical even by the most prestigious magical scholars, threatens to destroy Za’nar to stop an imminent doomsday on his home planet—Earth.

You can reach out to Zack Storch (Zachary Storch) on Facebook, Twitter at Zadck3, YouTube at Zadck1, and from the other links here on Void Saga! Zack (Zachary) Storch is an author, and card game and video game developer. They competed on Season 2 of TBS’s internationally broadcast TV show “King of the Nerds.” In Artix Entertainment’s MMORPG “Adventure Quest Worlds,” content adapted from their novel Za’nar: Impossibility has been experienced by millions of players worldwide.