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Planar Catastrophe is available now!

Save Za’nar from a spatial disaster while competing to see who can slay the manifesting monsters the fastest! It’s a fast-paced game that gives players control over the cards they draw, putting the focus onto tactical combat!

-Every card has at least 1 Instant Skill–use Instant Skills at any time, even on your opponent’s turn!

-“Runes” provide a unique twist on classic card game “mana” systems, serving as consumable Spells and momentum for dealing damage!

-With just one deck, battle with 2-4 players, or “fight the deck” with the included solitaire / Co-Op rules!

While it’s easy to learn, it’s deep enough to want to master! Follow @Zadck3 on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to stay updated on news about Za’nar: Planar Catastrophe!

New! Click here to learn about the Planar Catastrophe Companion App!


New card game!

The Town of Roshamberg!

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At the base of the mountains and near the sea, Roshamberg is a crossroads for travelers. Locals say “adventure finds Roshamberg,” but visitors learn that the town has its own stories to share! Featuring 24 colorful, family-friendly, original characters, soon to have their stories told in the official web comic! The Town of Roshamberg is the first addition to the Roshamberg universe, and is great for families, parties, and skilled card-gamers alike! Includes full rules for all four game modes, as well as cut-out gold tokens to help keep track of the game.

There’s four ways to play in Roshamberg!

Quick-Fire: Rock-Paper-Scissors style, with Abilities!

Turn-Based: A combat card game of prediction and skill!

Fight the Deck: Play alone in this turn-based mode!

Columns: Arrange cards by type in this solitaire mode!

Enjoy tactical battles, or classic rock-paper-scissors styled action, but with special abilities, alone or with up to 8 friends, all with just one deck!


Brawling is all about countering your opponent’s cards with your own, rock-paper-scissors style!

Dense counters Sharp, Sharp counters Flexible, and Flexible counters Dense!

Dense: They prefer to be called “persistent” over “stubborn.” Unrelenting as they are strong, Dense characters are hard to stop. They can overpower Sharp types with their strength, but fail against the ingenuity of Flexible types.

Sharp: With sharp weapons and sharper wits, these characters use manipulation to outpace their opponents. Their hijinks fail on Dense types, but are exceptional against the constantly searching minds of Flexible types.

Flexible: Skilled, but easy to influence, Flexible types are highly adaptable in all walks of life. Their open minds leave them gullible to the wits of Sharp types, but helps them come up with strategies to defeat even the strongest of Dense opponents!


Learn about the upcoming video game, Roshamberg: Neri’s Adventure!