Neri’s Adventure

The game follows the young inventor Neri with her robotic companion, Aodh. Her parents are fed-up with her stealing parts from the family blacksmithing shop to build her gadgets, so she leaves on a search for scrap to build more fantastic inventions! As they explore the open world, the quirky people they meet and locations they explore get them caught up in all sorts of hijinks and episodic adventures.

There’s two major, unique features that make this 2D RPG platformer game a unique experience:

-First, you are controlling two characters at once! Neri is controlled with the left joystick, while her robot friend is controlled with the right stick. As you master controlling the duo in unison, they can divide and conquer to battle enemies or split-up by giving the other a boost-up off of their shoulders!

-Second, by using a plentiful resource called “Invention Points,” earned by finding scrap, defeating enemies, and completing quests, Neri can build useful and fun inventions at any time, anywhere! Neri can build blocks, jump-pads, turrets, remote-controlled flying drones, and more, allowing you to solve puzzles and fight monsters in numerous different ways.
There’s over 30 invention blueprints to unlock, and you can change your loadout of 5 inventions you can build at workshop tables, letting each player have a unique toolkit that fits their playstyle or the challenges they are facing.

Featuring hand-drawn art and characters from “The Town of Roshamberg” card game (, the game is currently being developed for PC/Steam, with a build for high-end Android devices being simultaneously maintained. Development is going smoothly, and *ahead* of schedule! We’re targeting a release some time in 2019!

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