Companion Apps


The Planar Catastrophe Companion App is now live! Track your 

gameplay, reference rules, and more!

You can use it right in your browser at
No download is needed!

(Notes: You may want to zoom-out to ~66% on desktops. It can take a moment to load depending on your internet connection. It does not use data after launching, but it is recommended to initially load it over Wi-fi to launch it faster. Requires a WebGL enabled browser–Works great in Chrome!)


If you’d like to download the app for a faster experience on-the-go, it is currently available for Android! You can get it from this link below:

Download the APK – (Requires no permissions) – 17.9 MB

If you’re new to installing a non-Play Store app, instructions are as follows:
1. Simply download the app to your phone.
2. Launch the .apk when it downloads. It may launch automatically; if it does not, you should be able to do this right from the notification bar, just by tapping it.
3. Follow the on-screen prompts to allow installations from non-Play Store sources. If you do not see any on-screen prompts, you should be able to find the necessary setting under Settings>Lock Screen and Security>Unknown Sources.

For more information, you can view instructions on websites such as this (Click here!)


We’re in Beta! The app may be improved more over time, and based on feedback! Tell me what you think at @Zadck3 on Twitter or .