Draw the Cards You Want

OverviewSketching and Disrupting RunesChoose What Type of Card You Draw

Never be “mana starved!” In Za’nar: Planar Catastrophe, you choose the type of cards you draw! The Rune cards, Monster cards and Location cards are kept in separate decks.

Each turn, you draw 2 cards in any combination–snag two Monsters, two Runes, one of each, or send players reeling through time and space by putting a new Location card into play!

Monsters are Manifested on your turn and used to fight players or other monsters!

Runes are attached to cards to boost their ATK, or discarded to activate special spell effects! (Read more about Runes here!)

Locations are spread across the four planets of Za’nar and 2 Special Locations; when drawn, they immediately activate a special event, then stay in play to massively change the rules of the game!

With the type of card you draw in your control, there’s less emphasis on lucky card draws and more on skilled combinations of effects and tactical game-play! And with 35 Monsters, 35 Runes and 18 Locations, the excitement of drawing cards remains!